The vision of the Alcoswell bathroom is to create beautiful, aesthetics, high quality bathtubs, washbasins and shower trays that the standard for style, innovation and performance.


Environmentally friendly

Focus on sustainability

Constant innovation 

Aiming to inspire

Continuously improving

Our vision is to create aesthetically pleasing high quality bath tubs. We strive to be market leaders on a globalscale and via our expert research and technology teams we aim to provide high performance innovative products. 

Our production processes are unique in terms of energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. Our commitment to fully recycle all scrap and waste product are key company goals as we push towards minimising energyconsumption and reducing CO² emissions. 

The team at Alcoswell specialises in private label custom designed products. We offer comprehensive supportthat includes product design, packaging design, logistics support and in-house mould development and manufacture. Our ability to produce high volume ensures reduced lead times and customer expectations are met. 

Alcoswells unique ECO bathtub ranges are completely stackable. This ensures to reduce the freight cost of eachitem and under pins our company goal to help to reduce CO² emissions. 

We invite you to contact Alcoswell as we look for global partners to deal with. We have absolute respect for allrelationships and very much look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead.


specializing in private-label and custom design products


specializing in private-label and custom design products